Error 404 when log in as user (not admin)


i can login in my hestia CP as admin user, but i can’t access any user. As soon i press the link in the username or the button to login as this user, i get an error code 404 and /error/ is added to my url

Page Not Found

Oops! We couldn’t find the page that you’re looking for.

Please check the address and try again.
Error Code: 404

Too, if i login as user directly in /login/ screen i obtain the same 404 error, but if i login as admin it works well

Do you know which log i can check to obtain more info? at this moment i can’t access to any account

I’m using

Debian GNU/Linux 10
hestia core package 1.4.17 (amd64)
hestia-php php interpreter 7.4.22 (amd64)
hestia-nginx internal web server 1.19.10 (amd64)


When i defined the plan packages, i defined one plan without mail, web and too not dns, i needed and i need only one account ftp and some space to have backups from another server. Well, seem this is the problem, if i change the plan to “default” it works well… i think it’s related with the plan, i have 0 in web domains, alias, mail domains etc…

You always need a web domain as an ftp account can’t work with out a domain.

not really, if I create a user in hestia, that user can already access by FTP using the canonical name of the server. For example if the server name is and hestia is running at, you can create a user, assign a plan with 0 domains, 0 websites etc … and you can access by ftp at with that user, however from the control panel when you try to impersonate with that user it gives a 404 error

What I have noticed is that there is no www folder in the user, when you access by FTP you cannot see the domain folder since the plan does not allow the creation of domains. In my case I use the .local folder to save the remote backups.

Too you can access with ftp user to IP of server, no need of domain for the user

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