Error 500 upon installation

I am using a fresh install of ubuntu 20.04.

I just ran the installation script as instructed on the main page. When everything is done, it asks to reboot, and I let it.

After the reboot, I try to visit the control panel, and only get an error. If i try the machine’s IP address, I get a nginx 502 Bad Gateway error. If I try the domain name, I get an apache error 500.

An example line from the nginx error log says:

2021/01/07 12:09:24 [error] 1392#1392: *146 connect() failed (111: Connection refused) while connecting to upstream, client: IP_of_a_computer_on_LAN, server: mydomain, request: “GET / HTTP/1.1”, upstream: “IP_of_the_server:8080/”, host: “mydomain”

Any thoughts?

Hi @BryceB

Check the hestia related error log in $HESTIA/log, it will give you more informations. Usualy, it should work out of the box :slight_smile:.

The $HESTIA/log/error.log reads:

2021-01-07 11:47:30 v-list-user  'admin' [Error 3]
2021-01-07 11:47:34 v-list-user  '' [Error 3]

No idea what that could mean.

Try nginx-error.log

The nginx error log is basically a bunch ol errors that look just like the one I put in the original post.

Hmm, can you copy and paste them? They should be different.

Whats the output of systemctl status hestia?

I tried to replace everything, but I’m still getting the “New users can only put 2 urls in a post” thing for this forum.

here’s a pastebin of my “systemctl status hestia” results, the contents of my /var/log/nginx/error.log and my /var/log/apache2/error.log

For our info: is working fine?
If not try: /var/log/hestia/nginx-error.log

Also what was your install string