Error added DNS domain

Dear colleagues!
I would like to ask you for your help because for the first time I faced such a problem as an error connected with the existion of the records of the deleted domain in HCP.
I deleted the entry for the DNS domain and left the files there for backup. I would like the site to work on another server. Now it’s time to start a backup on this site, and I want to re-create the DNS record for this purpose. HCP returns an error “Such domain already exists” though I have deleted it.
Please tell me, kindly, maybe there is a solution, I hardly understand where to look for it.

Did you create a new user? with admin you cant do nothing

Are you using DNS cluster? If so don’t forget to delete the DNS zone from the slave as well.

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You are right Colleagues. Indeed, this domain is registered in the DNS Slave Zone. Now I will delete it and try.

Please tell me, I have a problem with a Cyrillic domain.
Errors in DNS zone records, and the folder name is in some strange encoding

On another server with the HCP panel everything works successfully.
Please tell me where to look for the error.
I’m already tired of transferring with these DNS, catching the truth

Friends, please help me understand.
Why is it that on the same server with the HCP panel a Cyrillic domain is easily created, a DNS zone is created, and everything works.

On another server with a CCP panel, the Cyrillic domain turns into a sequence of characters that is incomprehensible, and there are errors in the DNS zone.

Please help.

Thank you

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