Error adding Database

I am unable to create a new WordPress site using the Quick install option as I get the error “Error adding Database”. The same error is experienced when trying to install any other service using the Quick install option.

Is there anyone with a fix for this?

My setup:
Oracle VPS (2x Ampere CPUs and 12GB RAM)
Ubuntu 20.04
Hestia 1.5.10
MariaDB 10.5
Nginx 1.21.6

Error message:

Configuration shows MariaDB is installed and running.

Create a new user…

admin user is not support to run any kind of Websites!

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See also Discord:

  1. :16*]* Jaap Marcus*:*

As admin user?

  1. [07:16] Jaap Marcus*:*

Create a new user…

  1. [07:18] Jaap Marcus*:*

Never user admin user for hosting any website!

Or Github:

Thanks @eris for the prompt response. This worked! Thank you!

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