Error: Connection to localhost failed

Error: Connection to localhost failed

aaaand what you want to say us with that particuöar string? :smiley:


Check your settings



Sorry, that error comes out when trying to delete a database.

It’s not enogh.

Error: Connection to localhost failed

Try to give more specified info, maybe a screenshot. Or just describe the issue by words as you can.

Are you able to connect via ssh

mysql -u root -h localhost


Your mysql server seems to be offline…

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Thanks, it was that the services were disconnected.
It must have been because Linode did an update last night.

Experience for when it happens again, the first thing is to check that the services are active.

Sorry for the inconvenience, I am new to VPS, and even more so with HestiaCP, the truth is that I am super happy with the panel.