Error displaying mysql status and sql_mode

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Error displaying nginx service status

mysql has been added to nginx services. sql_mode also crashes after restarting mysql, although mysql is running.

Can you please tell me when the update with fixes for these bugs will be released?

Hello @SVADO,

I don’t know when Hestia 1.8.9 will be released but I’ve just found another bug (that I introduced myself when fixing another bug :frowning: ) in command v-list-sys-services so I would like to test it with real people before submitting a pull request to github.

If you want to try it.

As root:

cd /usr/local/hestia/bin/
mv v-list-sys-services v-list-sys-services.original
curl -sSL "" -o v-list-sys-services
chmod +x v-list-sys-services

And check in Web UI whether it works fine again.

If you want to revert the change:

cd /usr/local/hestia/bin/
mv v-list-sys-services.original v-list-sys-services



Perhaps you know why sql_mode resets after restarting mysql?

How did you change the sql_mode ? What modes you are using? You should check mysql log, maybe you will get more info about the error.

I install it through the root user

set global sql_mode='';

You must add spaces before and after the equal:

set global sql_mode = '';

But if you want to do it permanent you should add it to my.cnf in [mysqld] section. Pay attention because in my.cnf conf file, it uses a dash instead of underscore);


Please send a PR will merge it …

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I wanted to test it first with real users but… here we go :wink:

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