Error: DNS domain exists

On a server configured as DNS slave.

I create a user in a plan without DNS management privileges.

I can’t create web domain because of this DNS error.

Is it a bug?

How should I proceed?

always check logs, no one can tell by reading your words only if it is a bug or something strange happening in your server.

This would I not consider an bug. This is just the default behaviour to prevent users adding domains on the same account

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So how can I know what is happening?

Is it the slave domain configuration that could be meddling?

So the domain does not exist on that machine and the panel is preventing me from adding that domain and it’s fine.

No the domain does exists in the dns-user…

I have two issues then:

  1. the hestia control panel should somehow solve this
  2. how do I solve my problem.

You are using the DNS from Hestia and it will sync DNS over both servers and create an DNS domain under the user dns-user. I is a security check to prevent users to add domain under other users then where is has been created.

This has been designed in the past like this and this is the correct behaviour for it.

If you run v-search-object will show probally the domain in dns-cluster

[email protected]:~# v-search-object

admin web DOMAIN
dns-cluster dns DOMAIN

Thank you @eris!

So how do I disable temporarly the DNS cluster so I can create the domain?

Then you won’t be able to add the domain again to DNS cluster…

Then, how can I have:

  • Machine1: DNS + Mail Server
  • Machine 2: Web server + DNS Slave
  • Machine 3: Web server + DNS Slave
  • Machine 4: Web server + DNS Slave

I am about to perform the same operation for 140 domains

You can’t probably … System hasn’t been designed this way. And would probably mean a partial rewrite of Hestia…

Also you would miss out on certain functions like Wildcard SSL certificates.

Probably the easiest solution would be hosting DNS slave on 1 / 2 / 3 “basic” VPS servers. An server with 1 gb of ram / 1 cpu core is allready overpowered for this task.

And other option would allowing syncing with enable-zone-transfer via bind see

Okay then I will disable the DNS cluster.