Error: DNS for Don't exists

I have recorded a new domain with all the DNS Records and I have verified with dns checker that it is perfectly pointing to the server and it throws me this error installing Let’s Encrypt SSL.

someone happened the same?


Check your servers dns config, nslookup domain.tld doesnt give the expected output.

Yes I know, but domain.tdl does not appear anywhere I have checked in package, soa, etc. They are all changed

Run nslookup domain.tld and you will see that there is no propper answer. You can also validate the dns with


yep i try dns cheker and the domain is absolutelly propagated nameservers and A with correct ip.
I try nslookup and say this


I have taken a good look at all the points and they are ok but it is as if I did not record well the domain does not exist

and the website from this domain working but can’t inmstall ssl cause say dns don’t exists

maybe it just needs time to propagate? obviously hetzners nameservers do not know your domain (yet?) and probably also the LE dns-servers… no idea what dns-checker is using or how this is resolving. what registrar and dns service are you using?

anyway it means your dns setup is wrong, no matter what dns-checker gives you. you can simply verify by pinging your domain from wherever. if it does not resolve there is a flaw somewhere - but without knowing your full setup/configuration we can only guess around… :wink:

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Propagation I do not think so because generally when I point a domain it is practically instantaneous, I check with and when it is propagated I can install the ssl certificate without problems.

The issue is that the domain is completely propagated and although the web works correctly it does not let me install the certificate because it tells me that the DNS does not exist.

All the hestia panels work correctly for me with all the dns, because I have a domain that I use as a base to create all the nameservers that are correctly recorded in the registrar with their pertinent glue records.

In that panel, the only way I have to install the ssl now is to save the domain in another panel, generate the ssl certificate and return to the panel that does not work and copy the ssl that the other panel generated, this is the only way to leave it working with ssl because for example Presto without ssl don’t open sites. :man_shrugging:

For all the rest i’m very happy with Hestia for my taste the best solution for my sites :ok_hand:

you’re right
Many thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

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