Error: belongs to a different user

Trying to create domain for user “someuser”, but I get error:
Error: belongs to a different user

Domain exists and really belongs to a different user, but how I can create for “someuser”?

Server → Configure → Policy

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@eris Is it the same command for enable and disable?

No should be delete will change it :slight_smile:

Thanks mate :wink:

Hi @eris
i already disable it with
v-delete-web-domain-allow-users user

but still domain belongs to a different user,
what should i do ?

You have to use v-add-….

Other option removes the permission

v-add-web-domain-allow-users user

I was wondering what had changed. Its my practice to set up a subdomain for hestia control panel in the admin account on installation, but then I install the main domains under a normal user account.
So in my case I now need to allow both users I guess. Good to know.

It only checks or

If you add and then add is will work fine.

Oh, so in that case, maybe something is not working as intended>
I had assigned to normal user ‘user’
I tried to assign to user ‘devuser’ and it wouldn’t let me.

Or are you saying, if you add the subdomain first, then you can add the regular domain to any user. But once you’ve added the regular domain to a user, then subdomains need to be added to the same user. Something like that logic?

this :slight_smile:.

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