Error: Downloading ip list

Hello, friends
I want to ask for help, something went wrong when I create my own IP list

I create a file that is available and opens completely similar to the example

The file is opened by the browser.
I specify the address of this file when creating a list to create a rule to block these IPs
Error is returned when saving the list
Error: Downloading ip list

Please help me what is wrong.


How many entries are in the list? Do you also host it on Github?

entries for experience did both 10 and 100 all without result

I took the file from github, saved it and placed it on my website
Then I gave the url in the list settings for this file
and again all to no avail Returns an error

The file opens in the browser without any problems.

Will good yor help

I would like to share with my community friends with great joy.

I found a nice way for me to create a list for a firewall rule
I go to the site

A good service makes a database for many addresses, they can be downloaded.
Much nicer to access the list
People pay attention to this list carefully help out and write down the authors of faithful bots there.
It even says in the description that you can relax. Only bots.
The list is being updated.
We create a list in the panel
Specify the address
Set the rule “Automatic update”
By adding a check box option

Save the list and good! The panel will automatically receive the newest addresses that kind people create and carefully check

I really liked this method.
The main thing is why carry a complete list of a million addresses when you can gratefully accept the work of smart people several times a month

I want everyone to use
My positivity for you
And I really liked this way.

I see many ipv6 addresses… did you try without those? I don’t think that those are (yet) supported by HestiaCP.

Hello dear I am very glad to answer friend

The given example is a working version
This is me talking about my problems so that it is clear to another from the main message what I think, so I work to solve it.
I found an option that works and began to quickly share my findings

But I still want to create my own list of IP addresses that fail2ban sees and add to it regularly.
But unfortunately, when I specify the path to this list on an open site, another arbitrary site, then saving this list in the panel returns an error
What reason is used for this I need to understand so that the logic of the solution becomes simpler

about ip version 6 in the list settings you choose which version of addresses will be loaded.
IPv4 or IPv6
But my example works like this, the list is saved successfully although I specify IPv4

You should make 2 separate lists i think. One for ipv4 and one for ipv6…

Hmm, tell me why I need to create two lists now
this list is successfully imported
I cite it as an example of successful implementation
You can try and you will be able to import the list from my example successfully

I have another question.
Panel returns an error when importing a list of addresses IPv4
placed on an arbitrary site, my site where I place it specifically to import later into other panels.
To import a list at the system level, you can simply place it in a file on the server and that’s it

You can also use