Error establishing a Redis connection

I usually got this error:

# Error establishing a Redis connection

`read error on connection to`

WordPress is unable to establish a connection to Redis. This means that the connection information in your `wp-config.php` file are incorrect, or that the Redis server is not reachable.

* Is the correct Redis host and port set?
* Is the Redis server running?

If you need help, please read the [installation instructions](

To disable Redis, delete the `object-cache.php` file in the `/wp-content/` directory.

And when I refresh the browser, it back to normal. Seems, Redis unable to hand much requests and traffic

Please advice.


hi did you tried any other plugin like this Redis Object Cache – WordPress plugin | ?

Yes, I am using that plugin and it’s display the above error message

Is it running?
systemctl status redis
How did you install it?

i’ve tested it and it works fine for me.