Error install docuwiki


Error install docuwiki in subdomain.domain.tld

There is a bug and you must patch the installer:

As root:

sed -i 's/\/dokuwiki-2023-04-04\//\/dokuwiki-\" \. $this->appInfo\[\"version\"\] \. \"\//' /usr/local/hestia/web/src/app/WebApp/Installers/DokuWiki/DokuWikiSetup.php

Before trying to install DokuWiki again, first remove these directories (also as root):

Note: replace YourUser and YourDomain with the actual data.

rm -rf /home/YourUser/web/YourDomain/public_html/tmp-dokuwiki
rm -rf /tmp/hestia-webapp

Now try to install DokuWiki again.

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