Error message: 500 Internal Server Error

before you do such big move, tell us:

  1. who is your server provider? i mean where did you contract your server?
  2. what script are you trying to install? wordpress or normal website script??


The second and third paths are the directories where the files are stored. In my case, the log files are in /var/log/apache2/domains/

To display the content of a file use the ‘cat’ command.

To filter the results use the ‘grep’ command and you queue commands with ‘|’

So you should use a command like this:

cat /var/log/apache2/domains/ | grep 500

To filter all lines with a 500 error.

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I use Oracle, and I try to install Wordpress


who isn’t answered yet but what part is we know now you’re into using wordpress installation!

don’t take it wrong but try to save time because nobody is interested in helping you out in here except admins and few of us! so please make it useful reply!

share your specs ie. RAM, HDD or SSD size plus the who part ie; godday, bluehost, ovh, and etc.

also, is it a vps, a dedicated or etc server type!

have a good one :wave:

nah, no specs needed - he should just check his log file but ignores all requests - even when @jlguerrero provided a detailed tutorial for it.

Without logs, its impossible to help.

I have checked the log files. there is no log files. I have stated that multiple times above. Whoever made hestiacp probably knows the problem but doesn’t have a solution and gets people like yourself to stall around

Yeah, because its our intention to keep people stalled around. Honestly, I’ve no idea what’s wrong with your server - it depends on the related log message which is there to nearly 100%. Without providing it, its impossible to help - expect we take access to your server and debug it on our own - but this is where we draw a line. Hestia is open source, means it is free to use but also comes with zero warranty. If you’re not able to solve the issue on your own, you may hire a sysadmin to do so.