ERROR: Restart of apache2 failed

In my hestia control panel, it shows the apache2 is stopped.

I can not start/restart it. It is showing this error:

In terminal, when I run “systemctl status apache2”, it shows:

How can I fix this? Someone please help.

Thanks in advance.

Probaly: Apache or Ngnix work only after upgrade and overwriting

Also log output is not complet, it makes more sense to copy the related log part instead share screenshots.

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Yes. This is exactly what happened. I updated it yesterday.

“While I upgrade using cli, “sudo apt-get update && apt-get upgrade” asked me about the configuration file I use [Y], then all websites has Server Error, Cannot start Apache with Ngnix at same time, Apache was stopped then I restarting the sever, right now Ngnix is stopped and Apache is working, any help please.”

I have been through the thread. The solution is: “You have to replace the config files with the hestia ones. This topic has been covered a couple of times this week. Use the search function.”

Can you please help me with how I can replace the config files with the Hestia ones. Thank you.

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