Error Restoring Backup To New Server

I am using the command:

v-restore-user user backup

This is the error:

– DNS –

– MAIL –
Error: apache2 restart failed
Error: Web restart failed

Note: I have tried many ways to restore the backup but I can’t, please if anyone can help me.

This is the error that I get in my email:

/usr/local/hestia/bin/v-restart-web: line 29: apache2ctl: command not found

when I try to use the command:


I get this error: Error: apache2 restart failed

Those are the errors that I can’t solve.

Do you have Apache2 installed?

Yes, it was installed together with the control panel, apparently it is installed incorrectly, but I can’t find a solution.

Create, fresh server. and install HestiaCP with same modules of previous server[backup]. You can modify installation command from here: Official || unofficial

I did all that, installed hestiacp, on a new server everything was clean and the same problem continues, it seems that Apache in version 1.8.10 of hestiacp has errors.
Can another version of hestiacp be installed where the backup can be restored without problem?

Is your previous server is live?

apt list apache*

The server damaged the disk, but I have saved the backup, I have changed from hard disk to SSD, now I cannot restore the backup, can it be restored manually?

copy one by one uncompressing each user, my question is, can the emails be restored manually?

Listando… Hecho
apache2-bin-dbgsym/bookworm 2.4.58-1+0~20231025.34+debian12~1.gbp0fd694 amd64
apache2-bin/bookworm,now 2.4.58-1+0~20231025.34+debian12~1.gbp0fd694 amd64 [inst alado, automático]
apache2-data/bookworm,now 2.4.58-1+0~20231025.34+debian12~1.gbp0fd694 all [insta lado, automático]
apache2-dev/bookworm 2.4.58-1+0~20231025.34+debian12~1.gbp0fd694 amd64
apache2-doc/bookworm 2.4.58-1+0~20231025.34+debian12~1.gbp0fd694 all
apache2-ssl-dev/bookworm 2.4.58-1+0~20231025.34+debian12~1.gbp0fd694 amd64
apache2-suexec-custom-dbgsym/bookworm 2.4.58-1+0~20231025.34+debian12~1.gbp0fd69 4 amd64
apache2-suexec-custom/bookworm,now 2.4.58-1+0~20231025.34+debian12~1.gbp0fd694 a md64 [instalado]
apache2-suexec-pristine-dbgsym/bookworm 2.4.58-1+0~20231025.34+debian12~1.gbp0fd 694 amd64
apache2-suexec-pristine/bookworm,now 2.4.58-1+0~20231025.34+debian12~1.gbp0fd694 amd64 [instalado]
apache2-utils-dbgsym/bookworm 2.4.58-1+0~20231025.34+debian12~1.gbp0fd694 amd64
apache2-utils/bookworm,now 2.4.58-1+0~20231025.34+debian12~1.gbp0fd694 amd64 [in stalado]
apache2/bookworm,now 2.4.58-1+0~20231025.34+debian12~1.gbp0fd694 amd64 [instalad o]
apacheds/stable 2.0.0~M26-1 all
apachetop/stable 0.23.2-1 amd64

This is the result

Did you manage to restore the file? I have the same issue on my server.
Thank you