ERROR when installing HESTIACP


The error is from the repository and I think the failure is only in the right-handed Debian … also I porobe with ubuntu and it works correctly

Updating currently installed packages, please wait… W: Failed to fetch Could not connect to (, connection timed out
W: Some index files failed to download. They have been ignored, or old ones used instead.

Operating system:

Debian 10 ( tested on LXC container and VM )

Hestia Control Panel version:


Bests regards

Seems like an connection issue.

We use an 3rd party for MariaDB repo

I am testing several installations in LXC and VM … I think the problem is due to the connection with

Is it because of the tests I have done that it has blocked me?

I try another installation with another IP in the same range

Debian 10 LXC
It was installed successfully despite the repository error (and auto switch to install mariadb 10.3)

I saw some similar topics on the forums and github

why you chosen LXC container instead try in KVM based virtualization

LXC is fine, no need to use KVM if he do not want to.

Your issue above show the mariadb repository, which isnt available, not the hestiacp one. I just checked both and they are up and running fine. So it sounds like a network connection issue on your side. Can you reach the repos manualy if you try to visit them in your browser and/or checking from cli with curl/lynx? Or are you running there in a timeout aswell?

I tried a few days later and the installation was successful.
It was probably because of the repository that returned an error

By the way, congratulations, for this great project

I use it for agility and for the ease in handling data … also if it is for your own use or for a single user … if it is an installation for multiple users or to share resources I recommend KVM

KVM is a hypervisor, Hestia is a hosting control panel, so I don’t see any reasone to prefer one over the other, they work excelent together :wink: or were you referring to LXC and not Hestia?

As a hypervisor I use Proxmox or ESXI (visual interfaces easy to manage the KVM virtualization engine and the LXC / LXD container system) … they are similar to the panel that you have developed HESTIACP (an interface to handle programs like nginx, apache, php, sql … etc) … or at least it’s the same concept

I recommend Proxmox, it’s much better than being blind in the KVM terminal… try it, you will not regret it

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A lot of the devs including myself are already using proxmox (or/and vmware), be sure we love it aswell :slight_smile:.