/etc/spamassassin/local.cf adjustments are ignored

i use ubuntu 18.04
i wanted to adjust some smaller things score and headers, but hestia control panel adjustments are ignored safely:-)
hestia panel has and edits
/etc/mail/spamassasssin/local.cf which is a symlink to /etc/spamassassin

there is an additional directory with more content in it and additional local.cf which is same style
which of them is valid
my header rewrite function does not work at the moment.
but spam assassin with the check is considered as spam and this folder redirect works
apart from the other functions


help appreciated

It’s not hestia that ignores the adjustment, it’s spamassassin :).

Hestia always use default repository software and bring all parts together to a powerfull web and mail stack server. For spamassassin there is no special configuration: https://github.com/hestiacp/hestiacp/blob/master/install/hst-install-ubuntu.sh#L1447-1461

So you should be able to follow any tutorial which shows you how to customize spamassassin. On my side, I haven’t any special knowledge about it, maybe someone else could help out.

Pleae excuse my thought that hestia would change something in mail configuration.
i can say now
mail works as expected
are NOT ignored
this was assumed false by me!
Thank you for your reply

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