Exceeding the limit

Hello guys, In all packages after user get closer to limit nothing happens, it as usually get more and more disc space like nothing happened, is there any warning or block service that stops if user get close to limit?

Hello @osmaster,

As far as I know, there is no such warning in Hestia but you can create your own script to send an email to the user if it is above x%, suspend it, etc.

Take a look to this thread for an example:


but it’s possible to stop disc exceeding after full package?

Suspend the user

Or enable file quotas

is there some script that automaticly suspends user?

here what happened, user quota was 10 GB, but after checking his user from admin panel somehow there was 50 gb used, was site hacked or I dont know

No there isn’t such script in Hestia but as I said above, in the other post you have an example that you could use as a base to create your own script and add the command v-suspend-user USER in case the users have reached x percentage in their quota.

Are you sure the user is using quotas?
quota -w -u HereTheUser

The user files were owned by the user or by any other user?

I tend to contact clientes and ask for more money instead of suspending the account.

Enable quotas is the way to go.

Otherwise you should du /home/user daily to check if they exceed. I guess databases are not computed there.