Exclude certain directories from backup from ALL domains?

We use using a 3rd party backup system to do incremental backups of our files. This works great for most of it, but I would still like to create the backups of all the configs so we can restore the user easily if needed (and then just upload the files). So on https://my.domain:9183/edit/backup/exclusions/ , I’m entering:

Edit Backup Exclusions
Changes have been saved.
Web Domains 

(I have also tried it without the trailing /)

This doesn’t seem to take effect though. What am I doing wrong?



Maybe you don’t need the dot? try excluding


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Still doesn’t seem to work :confused: Can we set this globally for all backups? I can get it working by setting it on a per-domain basis:


but this doesn’t work:


All of those just let it slip through the net, and its compressed :confused:

Have the “feeling” there is something wrong with the translations on backup exclusions page (At least with the databases text)

For the backup folders it seems like it is an bug different bug

Excluding web is working fine * but not *:public_html

Please create a bug report for it

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Please to go :slight_smile:

Thanks. I’ve opened up a case here:

I did find that just doing “8” achieves what I want (not backing up the web directory), but it would still be nice to get those bugs fixed :slight_smile: