Exim 4 not works

Good afternoon. There was a problem sending and receiving emails.
DNS test

mxtoolbox and recive other site : smtp; 451 Temporary local problem - please try later

log exim: routing defer (-51): retry time not reached.

There was a change in IP address. The replacement was done through the bash command panel.

dig google. com +trace
;; connection timed out; no servers could be reached

Have you set the new network informations also in your system network configuration? Add it or change it at the hestia backend isnt enough - the dig shows that you dont have any internet.

Yes. Dig requests are working. The site also works.

You sure about? You copy and pasted there a non working example:

dig ANY +trace google .com

So, now again in detail: What is not working?

no letters are sent or received

So, what’s in your exim mainlog? Is exim up and running? Can you manualy send a mail over telnet (google it) to validate the receiving process? For sending, basicly the same - mostly “check the log”.

Not gonna chat debug that one with you: its not clear who us the sender or receiver, not clear what you try to send to who and so on. Also not if you send it to the same server and a few more points.

Please explain exactly what you’re testing, what you expect to work and what you’ve aready tested and changed to the system

This is a screenshot of the Exim log

Then a systematic response comes in stating that the letter was not delivered.

It still sound like a DNS / resolve issue did you change from ip range and has the name server changed…

That is, should I remove my own in /etc/resolv.conf and put it public?

Yes …

What will happen to my DNS zone? Will it be read?

You don’t need to delete bind and so on only update the dns server in resolv.conf

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