Exim .forward file

I was just trying to add a forwarding rule in the .forward file for a mail user.
In exim this is configured as $home/.forward
I put it into
and it was ignored.
Looking in the configs in /etc/exim/domains/domain.com/passwd, it appears that the home directory is set to /home/huser/ so I tried that too (although now it would be setting forwards for the whole domain). Also ignored.

Any ideas how to get this going? I don’t really want to go through the whole dovecot ldma, sieve thing, so I was looking for a relatively easy way to do this.

I have managed to do it as a system_filter, but that’s not great either.

Hi Pluto - nobody ever replied.

But did you find a solution? I’ve got exactly the same issue.


The system_filter solution I mentioned above was this:

Create a file /etc/exim/system_filter and chown it to Debian-exim. In it I have

if first_delivery
 and "$sender_address:" contains "@fromdomain.com"
 and "$recipients:" contains "[email protected]"
 deliver "[email protected]"
 deliver "[email protected]"

Its fairly obvious from the syntax what I was trying to do I think. You’ll have to adjust this to your own needs, of course.

In exim.conf.template I included the file with:

system_filter = /etc/exim4/system_filter
system_filter_user = Debian-exim

Not sure if the system_filter_user line is needed or the chown-ing above, but it was suggested somewhere around the internet when I was trying to get it to work.

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