Exim numbers rising after hestia and ubuntu 22.04 upg

Hello to all on the communitty,

after I had the server upgraded to Ubuntu 22.04 and Hestia v1.8.11 we’re having issues with increased email numbers that aren’t a reflexion of our usage

Is there any fix to this

Hi @Newbie,

Those are queued messages that Exim is not able to send, You need to know what is going on with Exim’s queue and why mails are not leaving the queue.

To view messages in queue:
exim -bp

To view only frozen messages:
exim -bp | grep -i frozen


exiqgrep -z

Then you will get the ids for queued mails and you could check Exim logs to view what is happening with that mail.

For example, if you get the id 1qvIUn-000444-0p, to search Exim logs, use this exigrep command:

exigrep 1qvIUn-000444-0p /var/log/exim4/mainlog*

If you want to view the headers of mail:
exim -Mvh 1qvIUn-000444-0p

If you want to view the body of mail:
exim -Mvb 1qvIUn-000444-0p