Exim paniclog /var/log/exim4/paniclog - Need help about this Mail log error to be analyzed

Hey Guys! Anyone can translate the issue for me? Thank you!

I received an email:

exim paniclog /var/log/exim4/paniclog on [email protected] has non-zero size, mail system might be broken. Up to 10 lines are quoted below.

2024-04-13 22:10:03 1runAJ-007TZo-6D == [email protected] [email protected] R=dnslookup T=remote_forwarded_smtp defer (-1): Failed to expand return path “${srs_encode {${readfile{/etc/exim4/srs.conf}}} {$return_path} {$original_domain}}”: empty address

…and other 9 of these.

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Thank you, man!

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