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Hi there, can anyone help me to fix this strange issue? I suspect this has happened since I deleted all the fake accounts from my WordPress - Mailster list that were bounced! The Graph got stuck since then as you can see in this print screen here Screenshot 2022-03-17 180300|690x248

Further more, I noticed many Relayed messages are hanging in the View Advance details > Mail > Relayed messages. I tried to google it what they mean and how to get rid of them but no luck. The mails working fine but I just would like to see the correct queuing in the Graph, you know.

Thank you in advance for any hints or help.

the graph probably is correct and you have a lot of mails sitting duck there. run

exim -bp

in your console and prepare for impact :wink:

if you are yure you do not want those anymore, you can clean them all out via:

exim -bp | exiqgrep -i | xargs exim -Mrm

careful though, if you have legit mail sitting there waiting to be sent out, this will also go, so at least try and glance over that queue or use different filtering on deletion…


Thanks, but that didn’t work unfortunately. It cleared my queue but not the relayed messages. The queue wasn’t that big and there were all fresh messages not older than a few days. I know how to clear the queue but I am having different issue as the graph is displaying incorrectly the items in the queue. It doesn’t correspond the actual queue. You can see on the print screen below, it’s showing incorrect dates…

Today it’s 24th March Thursday.

I still see thousands of entries in the Relayed messages section.

How do I get rid of these Relayed messages?

Thank you

Falzo’s solution above showed you how to clear the queue. But it seems if you’re still getting queues with thousands of messages in, then maybe you need to treat the root cause of the problem. What appears to be going on is something on your server is generating emails and sending them to a bad address. When they don’t get delivered, they sit in the queue.

I’d start by looking at one of the messages in the queue to find out where its coming from.

# List all emails in queue
exim -bp | more 
# Show header of email with the given ID
exim -Mvh 1nX2sB-002EGt-IY
# Show body of email
exim -Mvb 1nX2sB-002EGt-IY

Also look in /var/log/exim4/mainlog , and match up the send times. You can grep for the mail ID there.

Once you’ve established a pattern, maybe you can figure out where they’re coming from and stop them at source.


Look this is my current queue:

I focused on the Exim Usage Graph earlier on but I noticed that all the other graphs seems to be stuck too.

The exim graph’s been stuck like this for more then one month.

Is there anything, I can do to get it working? I keep my server and Hestia up to date. I also rebooted the whole server but it’s still the same :frowning:

Can you also explain to me what are these relayed messages? I tried to google it but I haven’t found what they mean and how to remove them.

I appreciate your help.

Thank you

Hello Luke,

It is not about the graph getting stuck.

It is about your server sending a lot of emails and you getting blacklisted.

Here is the proof that you have been blacklisted: Network Tools: DNS,IP,Email

And here their explanation: http://www.uceprotect.net/en/rblcheck.php?ipr=

So your email is being massively rejected because your server has been sending spam.

If it was not you or your clients, you have been hacked.

Clean your wordpress installs.
Change everyone’s passwords
Be sure you get fail2ban in order.

hI jlguerrero,

I don’t think you’re right. I am only black listed on this scamy server you mentioned. I tried to delist my server from their black list and they want money for whitelisting. I googled it and found out they’re scammers and I was told to ignore it at my mxtoolbox.com tools. Besides that, I monitor and check my mail server and websites and I don’t think I need to clean my WordPress websites as they’re clean. I am sure I have them secured using the fundamental security measures plus some advanced measures. Here is my spam test result and I believe it’s pretty solid :https://www.mail-tester.com/test-mu6caqbf3

Second of all, this is another printscreen of the daily graphs, I’ve made today :

It still looks like stuck to me if you compare it with what I posted earlier last week, don’t you think guys?

I remember what I did prior to this issue, I am experiencing now. I have deleted around 4K of bounced and inactive subscribers from my Mailster list in WordPress. Some of them were in the queue and I noticed that the Exim usage Graph got stuck as it stopped displaying the actual queue as before, you know. I have recently noticed, it’s not just the Exim usage graph that is stuck but all of them. I have updated & upgraded my system along with HestiaCP to the latest version but this didn’t solve the issue.

Can anyone help me to fix this or advise what else I can do to get it moving again, please?

Thank you

I am sorry Luke, I don’t know what else to try. Maybe someone else has a new perspective.

My advice remains the same though.

There should be a cronjob running each 5 min:

sudo /usr/local/hestia/bin/v-update-sys-rrd

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OMG, I feel like an idiot now. The cronjob was suspended for some reason. I should’ve checked that but I didn’t. It’s working now again. Thank you so much Eris

One more thing. Do you happen to know how could I get rid off those old Relayed messages? The new ones are being displayed but the old ones are those from the mentioned bounced list and fake subscribers I have deleted from the WordPress. I tried to find what they mean and how to get rid off them but I couldn’t find anything meaningful though.

Thank you very much. I appreciate it a lot!

No worries jlguerrero. I appreciate your help too. Nice try! Thank you

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