Exim working on port 587 and not 25


I am getting a lot of connection attempts on port 25.
I would like to know a better way to change the exim configuration.

I performed the following test
Firewall deny port 25
Exim configuration change line

daemon_smtp_ports = 25: 465: 587


daemon_smtp_ports = 465: 587

My intention is not to work on port 25

STMP is only for outgoing mail traffic unless you sending this smtp server from a remote location just block all traffic except from local

If you have any mail domains set up on your Hestia installation, and want to continue receiving mail for them, I’d strongly recommend leaving port 25 open.
Having a lot of connection attempts is just business as usual on the internet. If you’re worried about the number of connections attempts, perhaps there are other ways you can limit it. eg. if you know that legitimate senders will only come from certain IP addresses, then you can add a firewall rule. Or maybe you can add more blocklists to the exim config to get rid of some connection attempts. There are several things you can adjust in the exim config.