Exim4 и local_domains


Есть VDS, на нём несколько сайтов. Для двух из них есть Яндекс.Почта.
В панели создал два почтовых домена, чтобы нормально отправлять почто(SPF, DKIM). Но не нашёл как средствами панели отключить доставку в local_domains. Пока вручную отключил в конфиге самого Exim, но боюсь, что каком-нибудь обновлении панели ил настройке ещё почтовых доменов, мои ручные правки слетят.
Как-то можно добавить в панель возможность отключить доставку локально, чтобы всё шло как положено по MX-записям?

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There is a VDS, there are several sites on it. There is Yandex.Mail for two of them.
In the panel, I created two mail domains to send mail normally (SPF, DKIM). But I did not find how to disable delivery to local_domains by means of the panel. So far, I manually disabled Exim itself in the config, but I’m afraid that by updating the panel or setting up more mail domains, my manual edits will fail.
How can you add to the panel the ability to disable delivery locally, so that everything goes as expected using MX records?

If you dont want to use mail, you can just delete the mail domain and you’re good to go.

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To avoid problems with your users in case they have access to the panel you can have a plan without mail.

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How about DKIM? I need to send mail.

The panel will just work. Exim4 will be working on the server but it will not be delivering emails internally because there will be no corresponding email service configured internally for the domain.

Your server may send emails as long as your spf allows it. As for dkim and DMARC I can’t help you because it is not my specialty but I think you should be fine.

You may also use a relay if it doesn’t work.

What I’m talking about is that it would be nice to leave the ability to configure some of the features yourself. And so that these edits remain intact after updating the panel.