Exim4 problem with AWS SES

Hello Everyone,

For long time I was using SMTP2GO.com as SMTP Relay in my hestia hosting. Everythink was working fine but i reach a free account limit in SMTP2GO and i decided to change SMTP to AWS SES. After change SMTP e-mail are no delivered. I’ve my instance on Oracle VPS. I’ve changed Exim4 settings for:
driver = plaintext
public_name = PLAIN

but still it is not working, when i send message i got in mainlog:

 R=send_via_smtp_relay T=smtp_relay_smtp defer (-54): retry time not reached for any host for 'windowslive.com'

Maybe someone had that problem?

When i switch back to SMTP2GO all works like a charm.
On AWS SES config i’m also getting:
=email-smtp.eu-north-1.amazonaws.com [] TLS error on connection (recv): A TLS fatal alert has been received: User canceled

Sometimes message are delivered by when i check it on mxtoolbox:
It is from AWS SES.
For smtp2go spf record is correct.