Exim4 your reverse DNS does not match with your sending domain

First of all let me thank you for your work on hestia which is a fantastic tool for Webmasters with few resources.

When I test mail-tester.com I get the error “Your reverse DNS does not match with your sending domain”.
Helo: vps
rDNS: vps.domain.es (domain changed for security)

I think the problem occurs because at the time of installation of the hestia script I used as hostname “vps”, however, seeing my error I changed it to “vps.domain.es” using the command “/usr/local/hestia/bin/v-change-sys-hostname vps.domain.es”.

It seems that somewhere the old hostname has been saved, I’ve been doing this all morning and I can’t find where I need to change it…

The emails are sent correctly for most providers except for outlook.

Could you help me?

Did you check if your (mail) DNS is correct? https://dnschecker.org

Yes is correct, The problem is that the helo is set as “vps” and not as “vps.domain.es” so it doesn’t work, the only thing I need to figure out is how can I change the helo to point to the domain…

Probably you can set this in your customer profile of your VPS provider. Or ask their customer support to set the rDNS.

I have found the problem. If I go to the file /etc/exim4/exim4.conf.template there is a flag:

helo_data = ${lookup dnsdb{>: defer_never,ptr=$sending_ip_address}{${listextract{1}{$value}}}{$primary_hostname}}

If I replace it with helo_data = $primary_hostname everything seems to be working properly. What exactly does the standard code do?

First one does an dns look up

Probally it says in /etc/hosts vps

Lo acabo de revisar y tengo lo siguiente: vps.domain.es localhost

Puede ser por el localhost?

I only speak English (Or Dutch)

Sorry, I mean that in the file that you specify I have linked vps.domain.es localhost so in principle I see it well.