Fastcgi questions

Some questions about FastCGI

  • For cache duration, you can choose a value ==> “Cache Duration For example: 30s, 10m or 1d”
    What is the best practice here for a normal website without a lot of dynamic content?
    What happens when that time is reached? Is the cache cleared then?

  • Is it possible to exclude some pages from FastCGI?
    I understand with a cache plugin that you can do that but what is the impace on a website with a shop?
    What will it do if you enable fastcgi cache on a shop website where someone selects something and later deselect it again?
    Any best practice?


Cache duration → 10m is a save middle ground even with a few 100 visitors / min it will save a lot of requests that go trough php-fpm. After the time out has passed the the cached file get deleted and a new file get requested. Full clearing of the cache is not done unless you clear it manually.

You can setup nginx templates for it see

For an example

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