Feature: Making Temporary URL for hosting

Can we make Non SSL Temporary URL for website. Like we just do domainname.tld.hostname. as Alias in configuration of Apache and nginx.

I think I can customize the template and set it. But can we do that in base code so I don’t have to manually edit template all time.

what keeps you from adding that temporary domain as alias on web.domain creation already?

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We are al ready working on a such a Feature.

My Lack of knowledge on editing server files. And where exactly that template is. Plus as I mention, I request this feature as it is one of often used feature for anyone.

It is changing webroot. I am talking about temporary URL kinda alias.

You can already add an alias (https://docs.hestiacp.com/gui_docs/webdomains.html#how-to-add-a-new-web-domain). But you are not able to create SSL certificates for it when it running on a different domain

Whit the “change webroot” command you and add “client.mydomain.com” as domain and point client.mydomain.com to client.com. When finished you can delete client.mydomain.com and point the client domain to your new server.

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yes… just click on the advanced settings for your web domain and add your alias(es) :man_shrugging:t2:

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Several alternatives have been given, although they do not seem satisfactory to me.

A desired feature of this type would be the ability to access via a temporary URL even without having pointed the DNS of the domain in question, see the following scenario:

On a server with HestiaCP managing the IP a webspace is created for domain.com, then without the need to point DNS or use aliases with other domains it would be very useful to be able to access the webspace from

Or even allocate a port for such purposes:

Most sites work with ssl / custom rewrites and it doesn’t work any more. Wordpress doesn’t like this idea either and causing other issues.

If you want an decent solution feel free to create something that satisfy your needs but from the development needs you probally don’t get any support / development time of it…

this is possible. just adjust your local hosts file to have the domain pointed to that server just for yourself. you can then access the website in your browser on that computer like if it was properly connected already.
of course won’t get you an ssl-cert, but usually this is enough to verify it’s working or regular development work…

Where is can find documentation to do temporary url?.
So far i can have clientdomain-tld.alpha.mydoiman.tld (WP sute).
When i try to login wpadmin the login is redirected to clientdomain.tld.
Any help please?

You need to modify the settings in Wordpress … As it is a feature in Wordpress it self to redirect to the domain.com

Modify your host file…

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