[Feature request] Include custom root in backups to restore to its original


I tried to backup and restore. It looses custom root during the restore process. This important to include in backup to have the same mapping on the new server.

Tested with v1.77 and v1.8.

Ack, this is already reported here:

This PR solves the issue


Yes, many thanks. I had immediately noticed and added line 294/297. it worked too.

However, it did not work on domains that existed. I had too remove all domains that had a custom root, keep the mapped master domain and only thereafter it worked.

As this was a tiny thing, I did not repost my observation. But after you suggested, may be you can have a look if this fix (which worked like charm!) may be modified to first import only that domain, which is mapped and thereafter remaining domains.

I think the master mapped domain must exist for this to work but I do not know as I did not have the time to look on the code. As it worked too, I did not spend time on this tiny thing.

Thanks very much for giving us this most charmng panel called Hestia!

I did test it with a clean user without any domains and had zero issue. Will check if I can replicate it with domains existing

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