Feature request - "Mouse over" tooltips

Request description in the screenshot

I find it very useful and I am willing to help with what to tell where BUT I think that it is difficult to get this done since it will be a lot of work and the development team has little time.

@eris what do you guys think?

I don’t see the need for it…

For the icons it an good practice to add them for screen readers / blind persons

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confirming, no need for it. autoupdate in combination with the list below already explains all.

confirming, no need for it. autoupdate in combination with the list below already explains all.

  1. “Auto-update” was given as an example. “Tooltip request” was meant for anything & everything as much as possible to reduce users coming here and asking simple questions.
  2. I would add “Mouse over tooltip” to everything ( buttons, icons, links even to some plain text statements ) as an explainer.
  3. I just find it easy for end-user + helps in terms of the general technical support.

So as I read your comment. I thought that I could find many good examples of useful tooltips.

Well… I couldn’t. Maybe enhance the explanations in the server configuration part (/edit/server/) for people like me but nothing critical.

Although I found some bugs regarding at least the translation to Spanish.

@craziedde maybe you could document all the enhancements that you can think of and then ask @eris and @scit if you can send a PR with those enhancements that they think that they will be helpful…

Tht’s why i mean there is no need for it - there is nothing to explain :slight_smile:.

For the translation, please use the forum seaech function, there is a thread how you can contribute to it.

One’s end-user will ask you the same question about 20 times as a product owner/developer you should know this is a good place for “Tooltip” :slight_smile:

I have nothing against the tooltips or longer explanations for end users. Anything that really helps the end user experience is good.

We still request a sysadmin background knowledge when you want to use hestia, this makes 99% of the tooltips obsolete…

Speaking of system admin… For them, I would ask for a very special feature… but… this one maybe harder to implement.
“As you type” search box for all settings… That would probably totally solve finding and navigating features of this pretty amazing product.

Unless a end-user has to use the panel.

I am the sysadmin of Myself Corp. and I have a client called Luser.

My client Luser wants to create their email accounts via the HestiaCP interface and has doubts. In my opinion we should make extra efforts to help Luser clearly understand the panel.

Maybe it is clear enough but if we found an enhancement we should be open

When I first read this suggestion I thought that this was a nice idea. But then I thought about all those topics I’ve read here in the forum, where is obvious that most people are not reading documentation or explanations and instead they rush in here to post a questions (that have been answered before most of the times). I must have done this myself too :frowning:

Because of this, I believe that the “cost/benefit” analysis of adding tool-tips might show that it will be a lot of effort without the expected results.

Hestia is still evolving. I think it might be better to divert the “manpower” at hand to other more needed features than make it more user-friendly and self-explanatory. Not just yet…

Though I respect @jlguerrero argument about a USER using the panel…

Every required tooltip is one too many. An tooltip should only to be used when no other option is possible. And some location could use a tool tip but the given it is not needed.

I also prefer to explain things directly, but if we forget about the tooltip solution and think about making users happy maybe we could find some spots where to add small disambiguations or explanations.

Please go on with a pull request, otherwise we do not have any resources or interrests to fullfill that request :slight_smile:.

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