Feature request: User labels

I didn’t find a feature request section so I thought to post this here.
I think that being able to add labels/notes into the user list per each user can be handy in several scenario. Was this something that has been suggested so far?


Currently not planned as we store everything in plain text it causes so problems properly handling them.

Diagrams are not my best skill so I made this screenshot to explain what I mean (I suck on graphic editing too se please be nice :smile: )

You can add custom content to the installation script. That is, the page layout. Please refer to this article Quick Guide: Custom Layout - Community Support / General Questions - Hestia Control Panel - Discourse (hestiacp.com) This is a secondary development and integration function based on Hestia. The official will not support your custom character project selection

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You can also ask the developer! He may give you a surprise!

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Notes are not planned as it requires how need to save things in de user.conf

And it way to painful to implement… Mainly to make it secure …

It will break during updates