Feedback: HCP 4.10 / 4.12 | 2-factor-authentication

The 2-factor authentication does not work with Debian 10 after the switch to version 4.10 and after the update to version 4.12.

There was no change on 2FA in this updates. Can you provide more informations what doesnt work?

Just tested on a clean install with HestiaCP + Debian 11 and no issues. So it should work fine

After entering the user name and password for the admin panel (old style), the entry for 2-factor authentication takes place. No error message is issued after the entry. Entering it again is unsuccessful.

I temporarily deleted the query in …/login/index.php. Login is then possible. So I can deactivate the 2FA and see what happens after a renewed activation.

Easier method would be v-delete-user-2fa username

After I deleted the 2FA authentication and created it again, the login works again.

Thanks for the hint eris.

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How about we create v-restore-user-2fa

So that everything is in one command

What should v-restore-user-2fa do? You will not see the qr code in console, you can disable it with v-delete-user-2fa and then create a new one over the interface.