File Manager - a must


Old vesta user here, for my personal servers.

I think FM is a core part that needs to be addressed asap.

I have 5 licences for Vesta, can anyone help me port this over or help with viable solution with gzip.

kudos for taking vestacp to a next level @ ScIT appreciate the love behind.


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There were security issues in VestaCP File Manager due to which it is no longer available for purchase even on their website, HestiaCP team has removed it for the same reasons.
HestiaCP team might add Tiny File Manager in future releases, but I suggest you to give a try to FileRun it’s way better and advanced :wink:


We do not support the vesta filemanager and as @rmjtechnologies already wrote, there is a reason why you can’t order it anymore :slight_smile:.

if you want integrate file manager on Hestia ver 1.1.0 i can do for you.

I already saw the filemanager, which looks quiet similar than the vesta one but has a important lack of feature: It works only for admin user, because it uses the admin permission from hestia-php/hestia-nginx service. What we look for is a properly permission based filemanager, that you can enable for normal users, which is in my point the most important position for a filemanager. The user behind admin should be able to work with ssh, scp, sftp and so on for file management.

i have it installed over user and admin of hestia, users only can see his folders.

When you create a new file, does is have the right user permission? If yes, please send us a pull request so we can review the code.

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Yes, I see… Your “filemanager” is just a nulled version of the paid vesta filemanager. Going to remove your link now.

Thanks all for coming back on this.

Thanks @ mmgnservices for your workaround

@ScIT adding Tiny File Manager would be great.