File Manager installation failed when upgrading to v1.2.3

Hi, I just did the upgrade to v1.2.3 and I have the following message in the notification tab:

File Manager installation failed! Unable to proceed with installation of File Manager.

Package php7.3-cli is missing from your system. Please check your PHP installation and environment settings.

How can I fix this?


Install php7.3

I use php 7.4


So should I just wait for the file manager to be compatible with PHP 7.4? Not sure what to do with that information.

Did you remove php7.3? it should be installed by default

I installed Hestia with v7.4

If you want to use the filemanager, you’ll need to install php7.3 on the server. You can do this over v-add-web-php 7.3 or over the settings part in the hesta interface.

Thanks for the help, I appreciate it :slight_smile: