File manager unzip error

I use Hestia 1.3.5 on Ubuntu 20.04 and have to say you did a great job, Hestia is both visually and functionally a good product.
I managed to solve most of the details that did not suit me, but can’t solve the problem with the file manager. To be specific, unpacking the archive with a lot of small files (for example, a simple WordPress site gives about 30 MB zip file) each time ends with the error “Maximum execution time of 300 seconds exceeded”. Whatever I try I can’t get over that 5 min limit. For the test, I split the same site into two archives and the individual unpacking went smoothly. I also made a “large” (150 MB) archive which contains several smaller (15 and 20 MB) zip files and the file manager unpacked the archive without error. It’s the fact that it all works slowly regardless of the size of the archive, but speed itself is not a topic now. After all the tests, I would say that there is some problem with a large amount of small files in the archive but I cannot say in which part the problem is (Filegator, hestia-php or sshd). As, in my case, an archive of just over 20 MB file manager manages to unpack in less than 5 minutes, I believe that increasing the limit to, for example, 15 minutes (only for file manager) would solve most of the current problems. Is there a way to increase the timeout?

In the next release we will improve the unzipping speed .

I’m looking forward to the new version. :slight_smile:

All of us.

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