File Manager When 2fa SSH active


Not a bug just a comment but thought i would drop this here for anyone else (and myself when i forget in a year)

Im adding additional layers of security pn my servers at the moment, of which i have started adding Google 2fa to SSH logins. This works a treat as an extra deterrent, but then i noticed HestiaCP file manager could no longer access the files.

As such i had to add the following lines at the bottom of the sshd config under the existing hestia entries so requests by certain users do not require 2fa:

# Hestia SFTP Chroot
Match User sftp_dummy99,admin,YOURHESTIAUSERNAMES
    PasswordAuthentication no
    AuthenticationMethods publickey

Now all requests by the above users can access as normal and all other server level users require 2fa authentication to ssh in

Please not in this case you would be able to use Password authentication any more if you would like to use sftp…

Personally I don’t care about it because I had passwords anyway…

Yes that is correct i cannot ftp due to 2fa which is obvious side effect, but then thats what your file manager is for, so i do not have to use sftp externally for the rare time i need it. So best of both worlds