"File not found." on one of the domains and .php does not work

Hello, here’s the problem, not sure if after updating Hestia, but Hestia updated about 5 versions above.

When I visit one of the domains, I get an error “File not found.”, but not the standard page from Hestia, but the most ordinary text is written.
At the same time I can not open the php file, such as phpinfo.
Also, for some reason does not determine the index.html, I have to go directly to domain.com/index.html.

On other domains, php seems to work, but for example the backend in octobercms (it is written in php and based on laravel framework) works badly, the backend home page loads endlessly, but some of the tabs open, very strange

From what I changed, only in the configuration /etc/apache2/conf.d/phpmyadmin.inc and /etc/nginx/conf.d/phpmyadmin.inc
added "Require expr %{HTTP_HOST} == "my_domain" and "if ($http_host != "my_domain") {return 403; }"
Accordingly, to make the panel work only on a certain domain

Please help me, where do I start?

When I created a new domain or used “v-rebuild-web-domain”, it has now broken and writes me “ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS”

If you use Cloudflare there might be a loop with redirect when ssl is not present. Disable Cloudflare for the moment and try again


You were absolutely right, the problem was in the Cloudflare Balancer and also some problems with php files was related to the .htaccess file, I don’t know what exactly, I just deleted it)

Thank you so much!

Additional solution for those who use October CMS or something similar together with Cloudflare, in case of October CMS I found a plugin called “Cloudflare” with the same name and in this case everything works stable and there is no need to give up the Balancer!

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