Filemanager showing unknown error

Hello Guyz, please help i uograded my system to ubuntu 23.04, but filemanager in giving me an error but ftp is working. how can i solve the filemanager error on web.

Hestia does not support Ubuntu 23.04

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how can revert back to ubuntu 22, please help i mistakenly upgraded to 23

i was upgrading to ubuntu 22, then i got an error during upgrade, on continuing ubuntu 23 was installed

I have never done it…

Might work but not tested / ever done by my self

thank you let me try it

this one failed to work

then probaly take backups and reinstall the server would be the fastest option

How do i format and then reinstall

depends on vps provider or where you host the server, but basicly not related to hestia.

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