Filemanager unzip doesn't overwrite existing files

Don’t know if this is a feature but usually when we unzip and if files with same name are already present old files are overwritten by new from zip.

With Hestia filemanager it creates duplicate files with a number.

ex- oldfile.php - oldfile(1).php - oldfile(2).php

Is there any way to change this like the ftp client ask if you want to overwrite or not and then works as per instruction or by default overwrite.

This feature is required for installing updates or when we want to replace files on server with new files from zip.

sucks that you can ask a question like this and 22 days later there is still no reply.
i would also like to see this fixed.

hestia uses filegator as filemanager, please write them to have a look for it.

I think for unzipping we use our our “plugin”

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