For those who have problems after installing Hestia 1.4.3

If you clean installed Hestia 1.4.3 and cannot curl, file_get_contents, readfile etc. then, just proceed with the following steps (There is ABSOLUTELY no need to change config files, just a host file).

So let’s go!

1. Login to your server
2. Type in “nano /etc/hosts” without the quotes of course
3. Goto the last line, and add the following

"[Your IP Address] [Your main domain]"

for example

remember! without quotes!

Didn’t help?
Hmm, try going to your php.ini configuration by navigating to:
Hestia > Server Settings > nginx > Configure PHP > Advanced
Then, scroll down, or just use find and type in “allow_url_fopen”, and set it to On

Voila! Hope that helped.

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As I told the issue is caused by the fact that nginx only listen external_ip:80 and not to Don’t know why and usually it doesn’t matter as you connect to a api it is usual on a external server…

And if you adjusted the config file to listen %web_port%;. Assign the template to the website / domain.

And reload Nginx and you are done.

But if you treat me. You will never a quick answer…

Why go through all that hassle when you can just add the thing in hosts, just like in 1.3.5 of HestiaCP. I don’t know why is it no longer there, but you may consider adding it in 1.4.4. So people don’t crash their heads figuring out on how to fix.

Also just to note, nginx didn’t even listen to external IP, it plain didn’t

I don’t see any changes regarding host file or

Not while installing as I know, I think it added after running some kind of rebuild command in 1.3.5.

you should always set your ip and hostname correctly in /etc/hosts anyway. even if not using Hestia :wink:

Then why not
echo “$ip $host” >> /etc/hosts

In the install script

Or if $ip $host is not in etc/ hosts then put it.

Yep! It is just strange 1.4.3 installer didnt do it.

Fun fact! It is not only the install script, but also v-add-sys-ip and v-delete-sys-ip, so they remove or add the line

Can’t find anywhere where is got added or removed

But it shouldn’t be that difficult to add. Only issue is that some virtulisation software (Proxmox) tend to overwrite them even reboot

I meant like it would be great if you would add it in the next version.

Check if exists IP - HOST combination
= yes? > do nothing or delete it and reboot
= no? > add it and reboot

And this is definitely better than leaving it just without it, if Proxmox overwrites it, nothing bad will happen if it still continues working.

And yes, I think my time is valuable for a credit if the fix is going to be implemented, in a manner of adding the following specific comment in each file which used my fix. For those wondering, I like to get credit for my work.

Here is the comment

Fix suggested and assisted by xwtk

This is good enough considering the fact that I researched 3 days to find the fix, and trying to figure out the whole nightmare of configurations that were obfuscated by the installer.

You may also spend 1 extra hour and send your pull request and if you do, I will personally cheer you up without underwear.

You will be very happy. You know, I once sent a pull request and everyone cheered me up, but with their underwear on. In the end, the PR did not get into hestia 1.4 and is still waiting…

I am a bit disappointed. That’s why I am going to try very hard to cheer you up!

Hahaha! I will do the pull request right now! By the way the crediting part was a link to how Jaap says:

“I think my time is worth at least 50 euros, donate, and I will send you the code”
sends PayPal donation link

As I already said in the server which I got banned from, it’s alright to ask for donations, it’s not alright to ask donations to help.

No LOL I do not know why I got banned because I went offline after my last message and returned to see that chat gone. Also, no I wasn’t suggested to check /etc/hosts.

You perfectly know that your software IS GOING TO BE USED BY A NEWBIE. If you are PLAIN LAZY to implement a simple code to a few scripts of yours, JUST SAY SO, DON’T COVER IT WITH SOME USELESS BS. Being honest is a more respected thing than trying to make yourself look like some professional person who just doesn’t want to provide support to stupid in their opinion questions. YOU SHOULD HAVE BEEN READY FOR ALL OF THIS. RIGHT?

I don’t even understand how you still develop the thing, from your attitude I would say someone is forcing you to develop new versions. And that you just plain don’t love this.

There was a nice slogan BlackBerry had, do what you love. If you just want to keep the project alive, it would have been better to just finish the whole thing and wait for a new OS version to come out and adapt the software for it. Not make constant updates and make yourself look like an active developer.

We’re not going to start this discussion again and you know why you’ve got banned.

Just checked on multiple servers that I “own” / work on:

Hetnzer Decicated: localhost.localdomain localhost
remote.ip web01

Clean server Ubuntu: localhost.localdomain localhost
remote.ip web02

Hetzner cloud (Ubuntu):

#Your system has configured 'manage_etc_hosts' as True.
# As a result, if you wish for changes to this file to persist
# then you will need to either
# a.) make changes to the master file in /etc/cloud/templates/hosts.debian.tmpl
# b.) change or remove the value of 'manage_etc_hosts' in
# /etc/cloud/cloud.cfg or cloud-config from user-data
# test localhost

Hetnzer cloud (Debian) dev.xxxx dev localhost

Proxmox: localhost
::1 localhost ip6-localhost ip6-loopback
ff02::1 ip6-allnodes
ff02::2 ip6-allrouters
# --- BEGIN PVE --- web01
# --- END PVE ---

I don’t think Hestia should decide what to do on the adminstrator role. Hestia is a tool not a replacement for an system adminstrator

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I am closing this up here now.

setting a proper hostname on your server and eventually creating the right hosts entry (esp. on natted systems) is the responsibility of the system admin ion the first place.

I even think hestia should not touch that file an intefere with possible custom records that are there for a reason.

also we won’t do such childish credit stuff, please grow up. Pull Requests which make into the product can be tracked on github. if we’d add an echo for everything and especially for all changes the devs themselves do, you could not read anything.

so please, feel free to fork Hestia and run your own version, where you can add and change whatever you like but don’t bother us any longer.