Forget control panel password

My IP address is . I forget my admin password so that I cannot log in to the control panel. Would you please send the password to me?

We don’t know your password… And if we knew it it is a security risk…

  1. 11:45*]Raphael Schneeberger:*

https://hostname.domain.tld:8083/ for password v-change-user-password admin NewPassword from shell/ssh

  1. [12:01]hkjohnlam:

Sorry! I don’t understand how to do. Can you explain more details ?

  1. [12:01]Jaap Marcus:

Login via ssh v-change-user-password admin NewPassword

  1. [12:08]hkjohnlam:

I type “v-change-user-password admin NewPassword” but no response

  1. [12:12]Raphael Schneeberger:

then login. no response means no error

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I forget the password so I cannot log in my account. Please help!

you’ve got all informations needed, if you cant resolve it on your own → Please read this, before you start!

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