Forum suggestion

It’s becoming very-very common for newcomers to post questions without reading anything about Hestia or even worse not reading the “Please read this, before you start!” post at all. I find this attitude annoying because it shows that people don’t value other people’s time and good will. They put no effort in trying to solve their issue nor even trying to describe it well and expect others to do everything for them. I have seen people not even knowing how to use the command line >.< Not knowing is not bad of course. Though not willing to learn and expect others to do the dirty job for them IS bad.

I believe this is causing frustration and it is of course a waste of time (and patience) for the development team, so I think the “Please read this, before you start!” should have an added section at the end, with something like this:

When you first post an issue or question, you need to show that you have read this post. A simple “I have read and understood the Please read this, before you start!” post will do just fine. Otherwise your post may not be answered at all. We all want our community to work well so it is important to show that you value other people’s time.

The above may sound mean or strict, but it may be starting to become necessary, because I think Hestia is growing fast.


Just force to read those rules to new users.