Forward [email protected] to [email protected] on the same hestia user without creating mail account for mail1?

Looking into it, doesn’t seem possible with hestia. True?

Is there a way I can do it directly through config?

If you are wondering why, I’m in process of migrating from cpanel (actually spanel which is compatible) and creating a mail account is not a requirement to forward. I prefer this, because it is one less account/pw to manage or is exposed to the internet but allows me to receive mail at mail1@domain1.tld and send mail from that identity in my mail client.

Currently not supported…

You can just add a domain1.tld and add a mail account and forward it to and store not the email…

Thanks for the reply @eris

My soon-to-be-old-provider uses exim and implementation of this I’m going to see if I can get it working on hestia. And I’ll report back to this thread in a few days.

Isn’t that the definition of an alias? The thing is that it is between different domains.

So… is it acceptable to create domain1 as alias of domain2 and then mail1 as an alias for the second account?

The questions was: To do this WITHOUT creating a hestia MAIL domain/account for mail1. The answer:

I’m looking into doing this in exim cfg. I also just remembered that Cloudflare can do this. So I might go that route.

I’m leaving this thread open until I come to proposed solutions in case it’s helpful to anyone.