Forward to not working

“Forward to” in mail account settings does not work if the email is on another server (works only inside one server). Both servers with hestia 1.2.3 and ubuntu 20.04.
Return email:
SMTP error from remote mail server after RCPT TO:<…>:
550 smtp auth required

What is exactly the plan? I still use forward in some cases, but due to the fact of dkim and spf, forward is currently a bit “useless” and doesnt work good.

Is it possible, that you try to forward from mail domain, that also exists on the remote server?

domain1 on server 1. domain2 on server 2. “Forward to” configured from [email protected] to [email protected] work ok. But “Forward to” configured from [email protected] to [email protected] not working. if i send an email from my email client to the [email protected]
Return email:
SMTP error from remote mail server after RCPT TO:< [email protected] >:
550 smtp auth required

The only case that I have experienced the error 550 smtp auth required was when sending mail domain existed on the destination server (or receiving exim somehow “thought” that sending mail domain was in its own list).

But I have read that this could also be caused by a misconfiguration of the MX record of the domain(s).

Forwarding general purpose mailboxes is really a bad bad idea! It can lead to all sorts of disasters, like endless forwarding loops crashing exim, especially in bounces, blacklisting of the involved domains (when SPAM is received and forwarded), most mail will be delivered to SPAM (due to SPF and DKIM as @ScIT already mentioned) or not delivered at all. And those are not all the things that can go wrong when forwarding emails. If you don’t take our word for it, just run searches for “email forwarding problems” or similar terms.

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I do not do spam mailings, I just want the mail to be duplicated to several of my own addresses. In Vesta it worked for many years without problems, after switching to Hestia it does not work.

that’s not what he said :wink:

forwarding in general is nowadays often just problematic and leads to problem because you might end up forwarding incoming spam unintentionally to your other mailboxes, which lowers your reputation.

however as others said above the smtp auth requirement points towards a problem with the domain names being known in both servers and therefore exim is thinking the incoming mail should have been locally sourced.

that it worked on vesta may only point to a more relaxed/insecure mail setup there …

I think I had that problem once for a very specific distributed setup and you can define exemptions in exim for certain mail addresses then. dunno if I find it in my notes though…