Fossbilling Integration

Hello, I have been trying to integrate FOSSBilling with HestiaCP

So far, I have been able to install FOSSBilling and have it running.

Now I want to connect to the different servers.

I can enable the API here: v-change-sys-api enable api
I can whitelist the FOSSBilling server here: v-add-sys-api-ip
I can generate an API key with this command: v-generate-api-key

But I can’t fill the form because i don’t understand what are the two api fields about and how to generate.

Besides, I have read about “billing” api permissions but I can’t find where…

Any pointers here?

Hi @jlguerrero,

Use v-add-access-key instead, this is the recommended way to generate api keys and the one that will give you the Access Key ID and the Secret Access Key ;).

Example adding billing “role” to admin user:

v-add-access-key admin 'billing' 'Fosbilling'
ACCESS_KEY_ID:      wllzBdtccb4a5mriylMB
SECRET_ACCESS_KEY:  aFrZqJCeyrfQLc-oIRl5W334Yb-T-wJEmrMnohiI
USER:               admin
PERMISSIONS:        billing
COMMENT:            Fosbilling
TIME:               01:48:50
DATE:               2024-04-01

Note: to view the current api “roles” use v-list-apis command. You can create your own api “role” here /usr/local/hestia/data/api/ and add the commands that could be used by the user using that api “role”.

You probably want to set Use Secure Connection to to protect credentials and other private information.

You need to use the new “api” key under admin user → access key

Old “v-generate-api-key” won’t work …


Also see:


Hi @eris ,
You are right it is the easiest and fastest way to integrate.

@jlguerrero ,
I also have a server running very well +6 months now with Foosbilling and the method I selected the option in Admin and it worked instantly like referenced.

Very important note: you must ensure that the user and group privileges are set as per the recommendations else it will become a nightmare to troubleshoot.

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