FQDN hostname when I installl it

Enter the FQDN hostname when installing hostia on the vultr server. What domain address do I put in here? After installing the server, I am planning to run a number of sites after creating a number of accounts, and I am wondering what domain I should put in.

Use the one that you intend to use as the management domain. If your company uses example.net, you might use hestiacp.example.net.

Thank you for your tips. Can I ask more?

  1. If I set up my main domain like as hestiacp.d----------------omain.com, what is the name server for hestiacp.d-------------omain.com.
  1. If I add on another domain for another site runding such as domain-----------2.com, what is the name server for domain----------------2.com?

Please don’t use real domains that are not yours in your questions. There are enough example domains described in section 6.5 of RFC 6761.

I don’t follow your question. What nameservers are you using with your domains? Use those.

Let me ask the question again.

Go to the DNS server config and create a new subdomain such as:

Type A
Value (the server IP)

Note that you should know this stuff prior to using hestiaCP. Hestiacp is not intended for people with low server admin skills or low knowledge of hosting concepts.

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