Free choice between Debian 11 and Ubuntu 20.04

I wonder if there are any advantages or disadvantages of using Ubuntu vs Debian with HestiaCP? Debian 11 is more lightweight, especially compared to the new Ubuntu 22.04 (Debian 11 uses literally half of the RAM) and there are less frequent updates.
But if you have the free choice and only host websites/cms, what would you recommend installing to have the smoothest long-time experience with HestiaCP?
Thanks, mandrael

I’m using ubuntu since 12.04 (or probaly 10.04), so I use it today aswell. For me it doesnt matter, the system is stable as hell, beside I use debian 10/11 for voip based systems. I think its more a “take what you like” thing.

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I use debian 11 but I think that there the ram consumption of Ubuntu vs debian is too little compared with the total available memory of the VPS nowadays.

The thing is that the development team uses mostly Ubuntu so many errors are corrected in beta or during the patching process but for the debian part it takes a bit longer.

I am happy with my hestia in debian though.


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