Free some disk space

Please kindly assist me, i really dont know whats consuming my space. I ran the following ( ```
sudo apt-get autoremove
sudo apt-get clean
sudo apt-get autoclean


Hello @onife,

To check files which size is more than 100 MB:
find / -type f -size +100M 2>/dev/null

Maybe /backup is a good start


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Thanks but my backup is only 1.8G

I created this script a few years ago and it will show top x number of files and dirs
that take up the most of space.

To use it:

curl -s -o /usr/local/bin/checkfs
chmod 755 /usr/local/bin/checkfs
checkfs /

checkfs script help:

Usage: checkfs [<FILESYSTEM>] [-f] [-s]

        FILESYSTEM, If not specified, the script will use the current directory as FILESYSTEM.
        -f is the number of files and directories to display. If not specified it will display TOP 10 files and TOP 10 directories.
        -s is the minimum size in MB of the files or directories you want to display. Default is 5MB

Example 1: checkfs
Example 2: checkfs -f 20
Example 3: checkfs -s 10
Example 4: checkfs -f 20 -s 10
Example 5: checkfs /tmp
Example 6: checkfs /tmp -f 20
Example 7: checkfs /tmp -s 10
Example 8: checkfs /tmp -f 20 -s 10

Thanks Alot. I managed to free some disc space after deleting some backup.

I appreciate your time.

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Limit the backups the user can make or use external storage …

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Thanks for your kind suggestions.

Check the logs folder. Maybe there are some websites under attack and the log file size is growing fast as lightning